BiH Procurement Review Body rejects a complaint against ballot printing contract

BiH Procurement Review Body rejects a complaint against ballot printing contract

SARAJEVO, August 12 (FENA) – The Procurement Review Body of Bosnia and Herzegovina has rejected a complaint against the selection of a company to print the ballots for this year’s local elections because it was submitted by an unauthorized applicant, the Office Chairperson Željka Klobučar confirmed to FENA.

As Klobučar explained, the Body resolved the complaint of a group of bidders submitted against the decision of the contracting authority of the Central Election Commission (CEC) as soon as possible, after the bidders submitted proof of mandatory payment of the fee for initiating the complaint procedure in the amount of about 7,000 KM on the selection of the most favorable bidder in the procedure of procurement of services for printing and packaging of ballots.

The conclusion was rendered as such because the complaint was filed by a proxy who was given a power of attorney by only one member of the group of bidders, adds Klobučar, as the leader in the group, but he did not have a power of attorney from other members of that group of bidders, which was not in accordance with their contract.

The merits of the complaint were not a subject of the session because the conditions for that were not met, since it was submitted by an unauthorized person.

“This procedural presumption could have been determined by the Central Election Commission within five days of receiving the complaint, which happened on July 28, and it could have reached the same conclusion as the Procurement Review Body. They failed to do so and we resolved it today. Our conclusion is final and the procurement procedure continues,” concluded Kobučar.

A complainant is a group of bidders, namely, Atlantic from Banja Luka, and the companies Igepa BH and Farma Prom from Sarajevo.

According to the framework agreement, the contract for printing ballots, worth 805,528 KM with VAT, was awarded to the company Unioninvestplastika Sarajevo.