A peaceful walk, “Day of Traditional Family” held on the streets of Sarajevo

A peaceful walk, “Day of Traditional Family” held on the streets of Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, September 8 (FENA) – A peaceful walk titled “Day of Traditional Family“ was held on Saturday in Sarajevo ahead of the announced first LGBT Pride March in the Bosnian capital and it ended with a stop in front of the Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the message that “BiH’s tradition in preserving the spirit of the family as a pillar of society is deeply rooted in BiH and that the red line must not be crossed.”

The participants of the walk pointed out that “family morality is today endangered and attacked from all sides, and when that morality disappears, the family collapses, and when the family fails, society is also doomed to extinction.”

President of the Federation of BiH Paraplegic Alliance, Mujo Aganović reminded that BiH citizens, Sarajevans, vigorously fought for BiH from 1992 to 1995 to be a country of its citizens, “but that a group of homosexuals that will publicly parade tomorrow is not in the framework of civil rights, but it is violation of human rights, it is a provocation, and no one is entitled to it, not even the US Ambassador to BiH.”

“Ambassador Nelson, we value the friendly relations of America and what you do for our country, we do not forget. But don’t forget ambassador, you are a guest in my country and I am the host here,” said Aganović.

He said that a group of people with different sexual preferences “should keep those preferences private and within their four walls and not parade them on the streets of Sarajevo, where we picked up pieces of our children’s dismembered bodies 20 years ago, so you have no right to do this. We are very peaceful, we love all the people of the world and we are equally committed to the rights of every human being,” said Aganović.