A thousand trees for Jablanica: Hunn and Šabanović plant black pine seedlings

A thousand trees for Jablanica: Hunn and Šabanović plant black pine seedlings

JABLANICA,  April 29 (FENA) – The Ambassador of Switzerland to Bosnia and Herzegovina, Daniel Hunn and the Mayor of Jablanica, Damir Šabanović, marked their commitment to the GoGreen Initiative by symbolically planting black pine seedlings in Jablanica today.

The Municipality of Jablanica, as part of UNDP’s GoGreen Initiative since 2020, has committed to plant at least 1,000 seedlings this year. Switzerland will co-finance 300 seedlings through the Integrated Local Development Project (ILDP), a joint project of the Government of Switzerland and UNDP in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“The Embassy of Switzerland has joined the Go Green Initiative as we are strongly committed to the envirnment protection through different projects and initiatives which Switzerland supports in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We also integrate disaster risk reduction measures and measures to protect environment in our interventions whenever possible,” said Swiss Ambassador Daniel Hunn during his first official visit to the Municipality of Jablanica.

He stressed that Switzerland is a longstanding partner of the Municipality of Jablanica in area of local governance, in improving strategic development planning and in democratic participation of citizens in defining development priorities and in improving quality of life in Jablanica.

“I look forward to continue with our good cooperation in the future,” added Ambassador Hunn.

The goal of the GoGreen Initiative in 2021 is to plant 40,000 seedlings by engaging up to 40 local government units throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina to participate in this endeavour.

Damir Šabanović, Mayor of Jablanica said that in the post-war years in the area of the Municipality of Jablanica and the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton, uncontrolled felling of the forests was carried out, which resulted in the creation of barren land, soil erosion, air, soil and water pollution.

In addition to uncontrolled deforestation, the forests are also being destroyed in fires.

“In this sense, it is completely logical for the Municipality of Jablanica to join the GoGreen Initiative. I would like to thank the partners, the Government of Switzerland and ILDP, and especially the Swiss Ambassador Daniel Hunn, for recognizing our efforts to restore the forests and thus concretely helping to preserve a sustainable future”, said Damir Šabanović, Mayor of Jablanica.

Go Green initiative brings together municipalities to help the fight against climate change by planting trees. Cities across the country are facing a widespread problem of air, land and water pollution. Planting a tree can create significant impact if done on a large scale and on a regular basis. Through the natural process of photosynthesis, trees absorb CO₂ and other pollutant particulates, then store the carbon and emit pure oxygen. They can help us beat air pollution and adapt to climate change.

The seedlings will be planted in city parks, children’s playgrounds, promenades, picnic areas, schoolyards, kindergartens, hospitals and public institutions, river banks, industrial zones and other locations.