Ahmetović: State institutions should defend the law and the right to vote

Ahmetović: State institutions should defend the law and the right to vote

SARAJEVO, November 18 (FENA) – Representatives of the “My Address Srebrenica” Initiative pointed out numerous irregularities in connection with the elections in Srebrenica at a press conference in Sarajevo today.

Head of the election headquarters of the Coalition “My Address Srebrenica” Sadik Ahmetović said that, according to their projections and what they know, if the institutions of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina do their job according to the law, so that all those registered in the diaspora to vote for Srebrenica, Alija Tabaković is the new mayor of Srebrenica.

First of all, he noted that on the election day and in the evening, there were no interethnic incidents in Srebrenica.

He said that the “My Address Srebrenica” Initiative started preparations a few months ago and they were having “a great fight with the institutions of the state of Serbia and the Republika Srpska entity.”

“We have informed the public in BiH about the thefts of the identity of Bosniaks registered in Serbia. We documented everything, and almost identical documentation, that we handed over to the Prosecutor’s Office and the irregularities that took place in the Brčko District were treated differently. People were detained in the Brčko District for such irregularities and crimes. When it comes to Srebrenica and the documents we submitted to the State Investigation and Protection Agency, there were no reactions from judicial institutions in BiH,” said Ahmetović.

He added that after that, Srebrenica residents who wanted to get an ID card in Srebrenica, encountered major problems and obstructions on a daily basis, “with daily power outages, so that the connection with IDDEEA would not work, to be challenged or disabled to obtain the ID cards for Bosniaks”.

He stated that they managed to get a list of 1,400 names from the RS Ministry of the Interior, who do not have a single document in Srebrenica, and who are at the polling station in Srebrenica.

Speaking about the diaspora, he said that they encouraged them with their activism to apply to vote for Srebrenica.

“They listened to us in that. They know what Srebrenica means to all of us. However, here too we have major irregularities by the CEC of BiH. About 15 minutes ago, a citizen from Australia called us and confirmed that the materials for voting for Srebrenica have arrived in Australia today, now that they are worthless. Today, they are worth nothing,” said Ahmetović.

He added that until today, after the elections were over, the election material did not come to Australia, Canada and probably to some other overseas countries.

He added that this time they do not know how many citizens, how many Bosniaks from Srebrenica, will not have their right just because the material was not sent on time and the current situation was not taken into account when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

A former mayor of Srebrenica, Ćamil Duraković, also addressed the audience, saying that they came to Sarajevo today “believing in state institutions”.

He reminded that in 2016, they pointed out similar irregularities, but “at that time, the state, i.e. the state institution called the Central Election Commission, did not hear us.”

“Unfortunately, due to the political will within the CEC, we lost the last elections in 2016, precisely because of the mail that was not counted. Maybe the BiH public understands the sentimental dimension of Srebrenica, but for us, it is something special, this was our moral and political struggle. We have invested all our energy to bring Bosniaks in a somewhat fair position to participate in these elections at all,” said Duraković.

“We know what it is like when you have a person at the head of the municipality who denies genocide, who discriminates, intimidates Bosniaks, with the help of the institutions of that entity. We will not accept that anymore. We once respected that Srebrenica was stolen from us,” stated Duraković.

He called on state institutions “to work in accordance with the law, to return the electoral will to the law.”

“If that does not happen, we will consider whether to accept mandates as Bosniaks there at all,” Duraković said.

The candidate for the mayor of Srebrenica, Alija Tabaković, also referred to the votes coming by mail and, as he said, the irregularities of the BiH CEC administration.

He cited the example of a Srebrenica resident living in Australia, who received an envelope with a ballot for Srebrenica this morning, “and material for Uskoplje was inside.”

He said that this is not a fight for an individual, “we fought to restore dignity to Srebrenica and we will not give it up easily.”