Baljić: Number of patients may decrease in mid or late April

Baljić: Number of patients may decrease in mid or late April

SARAJEVO, March 25 (FENA) – A total of 480 people have been tested in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina to date, of whom 52 were positive for coronavirus infection, stated Head of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo Rusmir Baljić.

He stated that 24 persons from the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton were positive, eight from the Zenica-Doboj, six from the Una-Sana, four from the Bosnia-Podrinje Canton, three from the West- Herzegovina, one from Posavina and Central Bosnia, while there were no registered cases in the Tuzla Canton and Canton 10.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the countries that has taken timely measures to prevent this infection, which cannot be treated with medicines, and therefore it is important that everybody follows the instructions of the Crisis Staff,” emphasized Baljić at a press conference.

He believes that if the population adheres to all the guidelines, the situation could calm in two to three weeks.

“I hope that in mid or late April we will have a downward trajectory for the number of patients. We have started on time and I am sure we will win this battle together,” Baljić said.