Ban on construction of small hydro power plants an ongoing topic in BiH

Ban on construction of small hydro power plants an ongoing topic in BiH

SARAJEVO, July 3 (FENA) – One of the current topics in Bosnia and Herzegovina is the request for banning the construction of small hydropower plants.

Proponents most often cite the destruction of water resources and unfavorable economic prospects for the state as reasons for the ban.

They point out that in the lucrative business of electricity production, in this case, only a few individuals are profiting, while at the same time the public interests are being threatened and nature being destroyed in the areas where the concessions are granted.

The initiative to stop the construction of small HPPs has so far been put on paper in the form of parliamentary conclusions, in the Federation of BiH as a complete suspension of new and revision of already started or already implemented construction of small power plants, and in the Republika Srpska, as a suspension of all new initiatives for the construction of small hydropower plants.

The demanding job of reviewing permits and regulations, as well as drafting and proposing new laws follows next, for which a deadline of three months has been set in the Federation of BiH, and half a year in the Republika Srpska.

At one of the meetings, held in the meantime in the Federation of BiH at the level of the entity and parliamentary caucuses of the Party of Democratic Action, as the initiators of the conclusions reached in this entity, the cantonal assemblies are the ones that have been obliged to take appropriate activities.

It was then said that the construction of small hydropower plants, usually related to small rivers and streams, also means the destruction of the natural landscape and function of rivers and the flora and fauna of the river ecosystem.

Small hydropower plants produce small amounts of electricity while doing immeasurable environmental damage. The construction of these plants is accompanied by the devastation of the banks, riverbeds because the pipelines that connect the water intake and the turbine are often several kilometers long.

More than a hundred small hydropower plants have been built in Bosnia and Herzegovina so far, and more than 300 are in various stages of planning, preparation, or construction. If the current pace continues, it means that there will be no rivers or streams without at least one small hydropower plant installed, it was stated at the meeting.