Banja Luka student pavilion to house 111 persons positive for coronavirus in RS

Banja Luka student pavilion to house 111 persons positive for coronavirus in RS

BANJA LUKA, March 25 (FENA) – The pavilions of the Banja Luka Student Center will serve to house 111 coronavirus-positive persons who have no symptoms of illness, stated today Minister of Health and Social Care, Alen Šeranić.

“Those who need treatment will be admitted to the old surgery in the city center,” Šeranić explained.

He added that the student pavilions would accommodate persons who gravitate towards in Banja Luka, 111 of them and the rest will be housed in the student dorms in Bijeljina.

“For now, we have three such persons,” he said.

He explained that the student center pavilions have been selected for quarantine primarily because of the conditions they provide.

“The persons who will be accommodated in this facility will have full medical supervision, and the facility will be secured by the police,” said Šeranić and asked the media not to do he footage of the Student Center as of today, with the aim of protecting the identities of the persons who will be placed there.

He explained that this course of action has been taken because the persons, who have been ordered into house isolation, did not comply with the measure, and have posed the danger for the spread of the coronavirus.

He added that the locals, who live in the area, have no reason to worry because people who will be housed in the pavilions will not be allowed to go outside.

Minister Šeranić, as well as Minister of Science and Technology Development, Higher Education and Information Society Srđan Rajčević and Director of the Banja Luka Health Center Nevena Todorović visited the Student Center today, pointing out that the center would be fully ready during the day to house the aforementioned persons.

Šeranić has previously said that the family members of those who tested positive for coronavirus would also be tested.

“If the tests come as negative, they will stay in their homes, otherwise they will also be moved to the Student Center,” Šeranić said, and announced mass testing of people to prevent the virus from spreading.

So far, the coronavirus infection in RS has been confirmed in 114 persons.