BiH does not implement Council of Europe’s recommendations in field of education

BiH does not implement Council of Europe’s recommendations in field of education

STRASBOURG, March 19 (FENA) – In its report on Bosnia and Herzegovina, the European Commission against Racism and Intolerance (ECRI) strongly reiterated the recommendations made in its 2010 report, in particular concerning the urgent need to end all forms of segregation in schools, including “two schools under one roof” and monoethnic schools, and the application and further development of the common core curriculum, announced the Council of Europe.

ECRI also strongly recommended ensuring inclusive and non-discriminatory learning environments in all schools and the removal of any symbols that represent an ethnic or religious bias.

ECRI has not received any information indicating that steps have been taken to end all forms of segregation in schools. At the same time, the authorities of Bosnia and Herzegovina acknowledgethat the problem of segregation in the field of education, in particular the practice of “two schools under one roof” and mono-ethnic schools, persists.

The authorities informed ECRI that in some Cantons of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina activities related to the common core curriculum have been implemented. However, these consisted of pilot projects and training activities. While such preparatory work is useful, it is not the full-scale application of the common core curriculum that ECRI and other relevant bodies have repeatedly recommended.

ECRI is aware that education is a policy area that, according to the country’s constitution, falls within the decision-making powers of the two entities. In this context, it is disappointing to see that the authorities at all levels have failed to make progress in an area of such crucial importance for building an inclusive society and overcoming the deeply entrenched ethnic divisions in the country.

ECRI considers that this recommendation has not been implemented.