Blažević: About 20 percent of the population to be vaccinated in the first phase

Blažević: About 20 percent of the population to be vaccinated in the first phase

SARAJEVO, January 15 (FENA) – A representative of the Epidemiology Service of the Public Health Institute of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Mia Blažević said that the Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in the Federation of BiH, adopted yesterday by the FBiH Government, contains specified tasks and recommendations for vaccination.

She pointed out that they determined that each health institution should form a team, which will, in accordance with the vaccination plan and the list of people who have expressed a wish to do so, provide all possible conditions for receiving the vaccine and conducting the vaccination.

“In health centers, it will be family medicine teams, as well as doctors from occupational medicine. The cantonal institutes for public health are also in charge of forming their teams so that they can carry out vaccinations on the ground, in nursing homes and social care institutions together with family medicine teams,” she explained.

She added that operational procedures for the distribution of vaccines from the central level to the places where vaccination will be carried out have been defined and that it will be dnoe according to a well-established algorithm.

“We have focused a lot on the vaccine that requires an ultra-cold chain because there has never been a vaccine in the world that requires such storage conditions,” she said.

She stressed that the vaccine will be distributed in relation to the number of inhabitants and that all cantons will receive the number of vaccines according to the size of the population and the number of priority groups determined by the FBiH Institute of Public Health.

Blažević added that they suggested ways to carry out the vaccination in the first round, that the vaccination takes place every ten minutes since we are dealing with a contagious disease so that patients would not have to be in close proximity to one another.

“They are obliged to inform all citizens who agree to the vaccination about the ingredients and side effects, and we will conduct further education on the use of vaccines on the ground,” underlined Blažević.

Blažević said that according to the Vaccination Plan against COVID-19 in the Federation of BiH, which was adopted by the FBiH Government yesterday, the vaccination will be carried out in two phases.

Answering questions about vaccination methods and adverse reactions to the vaccine, Blažević said that in the first phase, about 20 percent of the population will be vaccinated.

“This is considered the beginning of the first phase and to start off, we will direct our communication towards people who are a priority group,” she said.

Given that they expect to probably receive quite a small amount of vaccines, Blažević said that the Institute will direct them to health workers primarily.

Speaking about the side effects, she pointed out that they are to be expected, and that it will be primarily redness from the sting.

“If we are talking about allergic reactions, they do not happen exclusively with the vaccine and a person can be allergic to anything,” she explained.

She added that the Plan explains that the patient is observed 15 minutes after vaccination so that they can react in a timely manner if an allergic reaction develops. She also pointed out that the doctor is obliged to examine the allergic reaction and report it to the competent authorities.