Egrlić: BiH economy is recovering despite challenges

Egrlić: BiH economy is recovering despite challenges

SARAJEVO, December 22 (FENA) – President of BiH Foreign Trade Chamber Ahmet Egrlić said that BiH economy is recovering despite challenges such as coronavirus pandemic and political environment, and that he expects BiH exports to reach 14 billion KM this year.

“This year will end positively, export growth is about 29 percent compared to 11 months last year. The growth of exports is even higher than the record year of 2019, and in the absolute amount it is around 3.3 billion KM. The increase in exports is mainly due to increased demand on the one hand in the EU, our key market, and on the other hand disrupted supply chains, so that goods from the Far East have become too expensive. Ship transport has increased by about five times in the past few years, so that puts the Balkans in a central position when it comes to supply chains,” said Egrlić.

Therefore, this and the next few years, according to him, represent one of the historic opportunities for BiH if through relieving the economy, raising competitiveness and encouraging the opening of new capacities, BiH could develop its economy to a higher level.

“Unfortunately, it is known what the situation is in the country and I hope that politicians with the support of the international community will be able to overcome differences in attitudes and will focus on BiH economy because it is something we all live on,” said Egrlić during the meeting with journalists.

He emphasized that there will be no people without the economy, because the fact is that our young, educated, capable people are leaving BiH and finding jobs all over Europe, especially in Austria and Germany.

The Foreign Trade Chamber of BiH expects that growth will continue in the next year as well.