FBiH Railways transported eight million tons of cargo last year

FBiH Railways transported eight million tons of cargo last year

SARAJEVO, February 12 (FENA) – The Railways of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina transported 8,004,760 tons of goods in 2021, which is 272,806 tons more than in 2020, when 7,731,954 tons of goods were transported.

“The main types of raw materials that the FBiH Railways transport for domestic and foreign partners are: coal, coke, soda, sugar, salt, wheat, coffee, oil, fuel oil, paper, wood, gasoline, gypsum, stone, iron ore, scrap iron , construction materials, as well as other types of goods that are transported in containers,” the FBiH Railwaystold FENA.

The FBiH Railways have ensured the smooth functioning of the energy sector in BiH by regularly supplying the Tuzla and Kakanj Thermal Power Plants with the required quantities of coal from the FBiH mines.

Also, unhindered flow of goods in export and import is ensured for companies: Arcelor Mittal Zenica, GIKIL Lukavac, Sisecam Soda Lukavac, Natron Hayat Maglaj, Cementara Kakanj, Cementara Lukavac, Belisar-Studen Agram Brčko, Holdina Sarajevo, Hifa Oil Tešanj, Vispak Visoko , Solana Tuzla, Penny Sarajevo, Alternativa Sarajevo, Cibos Ilijaš, Fortin Tešanj, Modernizacija Gračanica, MGV gradnja Zavidovići and other users of railway services with whom they have contracted cooperation.

Last year, the Railways of the Federation of BiH transported 190,333 passengers in passenger traffic, which is 67,755 passengers more than in 2020, when 122,578 passengers were transported.

The increase in passenger transport was influenced by the introduction of the new Sarajevo-Pazarić line, but also by the fact that during 2021 there was no suspension of passenger railway traffic, as was the case in the spring of 2020, according to the FBiH Railways.