German company TVC invests in Goražde and plans to employ 150 workers

German company TVC invests in Goražde and plans to employ 150 workers

GORAŽDE, January 13 (FENA) – The German company TVC has decided to invest in the area of Goražde, where it plans to produce medical beds and functional furniture. For a start, it has already employed 15 workers, and by expanding production and building its own factory on the site of the industrial zone in Vitkovići, it plans to employ about 150 workers by the end of the year.

The representatives of this company also confirmed their readiness to invest during talks with the Prime Minister and Minister of Economy of the Bosnian Podrinje Canton Goražde, Aida Obuća and Mensad Arnaut, to whom they presented the investment plan.

This company operates in a rented facility in Goražde, where 15 workers are currently employed in the production process, and as announced, with the construction of a new hall on the site in Vitkovići, which should be completed by the end of this year, it is planned to employ about 150 workers.

“We plan to build a new factory in Goražde in order to expand our production capacities in Europe. At the new location, we will mainly produce medical beds and functional furniture. This year we plan to establish TVC d.o.o as a new company, to find adequate land on which to build a new plant of 7,000 square meters ground floor and 12,000 square meters of production area.

“The competent team with which we started the partnership in Goražde by working in a small preliminary factory will get acquainted with our products and machines. The first employees should pass on their expertise to future colleagues. In this way, we feel confident that we will create a strong team that will be able to produce in accordance with the high quality standards of our customers around the world. We feel a warm welcome in Goražde and we are happy to work with people from the region,” said representatives from this German company.

They pointed out that in the next few years they plan to build new production halls in Goražde.