Kabiri: We expect Aluminij to become BiH’s largest exporter again in 2021

Kabiri: We expect Aluminij to become BiH’s largest exporter again in 2021

MOSTAR, May 23 (FENA) – CEO of Aluminij Industry Amir Gross Kabiri told FENA that Aluminij is going exactly where it planned to be a year ago.

“Thanks to our dedicated workers and the unanimous support of all levels of government bodies, especially the FBiH Government, we have managed to restore Aluminij’s stability. We are now ready for the next phase, such as production development opportunities, partially finished products, while increasing the foundry’s production capacity to 150,000 MT per year. During the next month, we will have more than 200 workers and we support hundreds of business entities in BiH, and we expect that in 2021 we will be listed again as the largest exporter in BiH,” Kabiri points out.

According to him, Aluminij Industry is a company where people of all faiths work equally, which lays a solid foundation for the future and that is crucial “so that we can all grow as a society and so that I can continue to invest in this large corporation.”

“I will strive and ensure that Aluminij is the leading production company in BiH in the coming decades and nothing can distract me from the goal of realizing my vision of Aluminij. In recent weeks, I have hosted several major Israeli corporations that have arrived in BiH to explore various investment opportunities, and I will make sure that they continue to come over the coming months. I am a great optimist regarding the potential and development of BiH and an enthusiastic supporter of BiH and its economic potential,” says the Israeli entrepreneur.

Electricity has always been a key factor for Aluminij. Kabiri announces that in order to further expand the scope of the project and collaboration, M.T. Abraham Group intends to invest in renewable energy power plants, ensuring a stable and affordable electricity supply that meets the needs of the plant, while remaining faithful to Aluminij’s commitment to promoting sustainability and environmental awareness and responsibility.