Norway – BiH Business Association officially launched in Sarajevo today

Norway – BiH Business Association officially launched in Sarajevo today

SARAJEVO, December 1 (FENA) – The launch of the Norway-Bosnia and Herzegovina Business Association (NBBA) took place today at a ceremony in Sarajevo.

Norwegian Ambassador to BiH Olav Reinertsen pointed out that bilateral relations between the two countries are at a high level, but that economic cooperation has been limited – which was the main reason for founding the association.

He added that the NBBA will allow potential investors and entrepreneurs to grow in both markets, and to discuss business topics with decision-makers.

“The areas of renewable energy sources, IT, tourism, wood and metal industries may be particularly interesting for Norwegian investors in BiH,” said Reinertsen.

The Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH, Fadil Novalić, stated that the NBBA will contribute to stronger connections and cooperation between the economies of the two countries and that in the hands of someone like Ambassador Reinertsen, it will yield great results.

He explained that the membership in the association is open to all organizations and individuals, and will enable investors and entrepreneurs better cooperation for faster development.

“The support of Norway that we have had in the past decades will be further strengthened thanks to this association,”  said Novalić.

Ambassador of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Norway, Nedim Makarević said that Bosnia and Herzegovina with its total resources should present itself to Norway, especially when it comes to the economic sector.