Novalić: BiH has to turn towards renewable energy sources

Novalić: BiH has to turn towards renewable energy sources

MOSTAR, December 11 (FENA) – Podveležje Wind Farm is extremely important for the economy of Bosnia and Herzegovina, because once we build it, we will get practically free of charge electricity and BiH absolutely needs to turn to renewable energy sources like this, said on Friday the Prime Minister of the Federation Fadil Novalić during a visit to the wind farm.

“We have our pearl, that is Herzegovina, which is not only suitable for wind energy, but also for solar one. There is plenty of sunshine in Herzegovina, a third more than in the continental part, and I am glad that another such wind farm is planned here on the same transmission line, and under these units there will be a solar power plant of 35 megawatts (MW). Only from Podveležje, taking into account that another wind farm will be built next to the current one, and the solar one, we can get 135 megawatts, and that is the equal capacity of the Jablanica Hydropower Plant,” Prime Minister Novalić pointed out.

He noted that this alternative is a much more acceptable source of energy than coal.

“One of the disadvantages is that there is not always wind and we will have to keep one of the thermal power plants in that system, and I can immediately tell you that it will be Block 7 in Tuzla. We will have to shut down all old blocs that really pollute our environment,” said Novalić.

Admir Andelija, Managing Director of the Public Enterprise ‘Elektroprivreda Bosne i Hercegovine’ (EPBiH), said that this is the first wind farm being built by EPBiH, in which around 130 million KM have been invested.

“For us, this is an extremely important and challenging project in which we gained our first experiences and formed a good team of people who will, I hope, continue such projects. The project is funded by international partners, and the contractors are also our international partners Siemens from Denmark and of course local partners, companies from the Mostar area. This wind farm has a capacity of 50 megawatts, has a completely new, modern technology, is connected via a new transmission line, a new substation has been built, so we expect that all works on this site will be completed by the end of the year and it will be fully connected to the grid by March 2021,” said Andelija.

He points out that the planned annual production of electricity is 130-gigawatt hours.

“In cooperation with the Government of the Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and the City of Mostar, we will use this area to build our first solar power plant, which will be built in two phases, with a total capacity of about 35 megawatts,” noted Andelija.