Novalić: Podrinje Canton has the fastest economic recovery in the pandemic

Novalić: Podrinje Canton has the fastest economic recovery in the pandemic

GORAŽDE, May 12 (FENA) – The Prime Minister of the Federation of BiH Fadil Novalić with the Ministers of Energy, Mining and Industry Nermin Džindić, and Transport and Communications Denis Lasić today is visiting the Podrinje Canton – Goražde, where he has met with the Prime Minister of the canton Aida Obuća and her associates.

“Everyone already knows that for the first four months of 2021 we have strong signs of economic recovery. Exports grew over 17 percent, as did industrial production. The imports-exports ratio has never been 65 percent as we have it now. We have a pretty good return of employees to the jobs they were laid off from during the lockdown period.

When we talk about the help from the Government of the Federation, that is the amount of about 17 million KM, which is significantly more per capita than we help other cantons. But in return, the Podrinje Canton is giving it back to us by really having the fastest economic recovery from the pandemic,” stated Prime Minister Novalić.

He pointed out that 86.5 percent of all those fired have returned to work.

“New companies are coming, and we will visit one of them. We are ready and open for further support. We can never forget the capital projects we are doing here. One of them is the Hranjen tunnel. That is 82 million KM for this segment and in the end, all together, the sum will be somewhere around 200 million KM,” stated Prime Minister Novalić.

After the meeting, the Prime Minister of the Bosnian-Podrinje Canton of Goražde, Aida Obuća, assessed that this visit was very important for the canton and all its citizens.

“We also informed Prime Minister Novalić that we have started vaccinating the population and that we are the first canton to start vaccinating citizens over the age of 65 who have chronic diseases.

We talked about the current situation when it comes to the construction of the Hranjen tunnel. Today, we will visit the northern entrance to the Hranjen tunnel, where we will see the intensity and quality of the work being done. We also talked with the line minister about the support to economic entities,” said Obuća.

She noted that the Podrinje Canton, as an export-oriented canton, is crying out for new investments.

Obuća said that the delegation of the FBiH Government will visit a newly established company that will employ 150 to 400 workers in the future.