Sarajevo Innovation Summit – Investing in innovation is investing in the future

Sarajevo Innovation Summit – Investing in innovation is investing in the future

SARAJEVO, November 5 (FENA) – For the fourth year in a row, the Sarajevo Innovation Summit, the largest regional innovation event, brings together experts, entrepreneurs, policymakers and enthusiasts with a common motive, which is how to improve and create a better society through innovation.

On behalf of the organizers of the Summit, the Dean of the Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo, Jasmina Selimović said that this event is already becoming traditional.

“Although we are a small economy, a developing country that can hardly match developed countries, especially EU countries, we believe that in this way, by opening questions which we will try to answer today, we can still try to get closer to what is being done in the world,” said Selimović ahead of the Summit.

According to the latest reference indicators, as she added, BiH is the 92nd country in the world in terms of competitiveness out of 141, and according to the parameters that show the degree of the country to innovate, we are unfortunately in 117th place.

The Sarajevo Innovation Summit was organized in partnership with the British Embassy in our country, and the special guest is the envoy of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom for Trade for the Western Balkans, Martin Vickers.

“We are here to point out certain opportunities and experiences we have in the UK, especially those we have in providing answers to Covid-19, and the role and importance of innovation. It is in our interest to create the most favorable environment for investments and we are here to point out exactly those opportunities,” said Vickers.

The British Ambassador to BiH Matthew Field stated that the Sarajevo Innovation Summit is the leading event on innovation in BiH.

“We intend to use this event to highlight the importance of innovation for economic development and to show what has been successful in the case of the UK public health system,” Field said.

He noted that work in the field of innovation is arduous, but that it can be facilitated by appropriate laws that develop partnerships between government, academia, the business sector and individuals with great ideas.