The Stolac – Neum road section will be opened in the spring of 2022

The Stolac – Neum road section will be opened in the spring of 2022

STOLAC, September 1 (FENA) – The FBiH Minister of Transport and Communications Denis Lasić announced that the new Stolac – Neum road will be fully built and opened in the spring of next year.

“The construction of this section has been promised many times and the residents of Stolac and Neum have watched in disbelief whether it will ever be completed. Now, we will finally bring it to an end in about six months,” said Minister Lasić during the visit of the delegation of the FBiH Government to the construction site.

According to the director of the Roads of the Federation of BiH, Ljubo Pravdić, out of the total length of 36.5 kilometers, 10 kilometers still remains to be built.

“Stolac and Neum will benefit greatly from the construction of this road. The travel time will be shortened, it will not go through the Republic of Croatia and there will be benefits for this whole region. Many said in disbelief at the beginning that it was promised for 40 years, but it will be finished soon,” said Pravdić.

After the construction of the road Neum – Stolac, the construction of a bypass near Stolac will begin.

“It is a mini bypass that will be 1.3 kilometers long and the deadline for the completion of the works after the completion of property relations is about ten months, so we expect that it will be completed by October next year. So, the total length of the section is about 38 kilometers and the total value of the investment is 88 million KM,” said the director of the Roads of the Federation of BiH.

Speaking about road construction in the Federation of BiH, Minister Lasić said that around one billion KM have been invested in the south of Herzegovina in the past period.

He reminded that 122 kilometers of the Vc corridor have been built so far, 40 kilometers are under construction and those kilometers will be open by the summer of 2022, a tender procedure is being carried out for 28 kilometers, and paperwork is being prepared for another 90 kilometers so that public calls could be announced by spring 2022.

Minister Lasić announced that in the near future the focus of the FBiH Ministry of Transport and Communications will be on “the more neglected parts of the Federation of BiH, such as the Tuzla region, then the road from Mostar towards Široki Brijeg to the border with Croatia and the road connection with Bihać.