The transition to Turkish Stream is economically justified and logical act

The transition to Turkish Stream is economically justified and logical act

SARAJEVO, April 7 (FENA) – Director of Energoinvest Bisera Hadžialjević stated today that the transition to gas supply through the Turkish Stream gas pipeline is an economically justified and logical act.

At a press conference in Sarajevo, Hadžialjević stated that from April 1, 2021, Energoinvest, as the only authorized and registered gas importer in FBiH, imports gas from the same supplier Gazprom Export from Russia, but instead of the gas pipeline through Ukraine and Hungary, now is using a new gas pipeline through Turkey and Bulgaria.

“The mentioned transition was made at the request of Gazprom, which did not provide BiH with an alternative supply in the other direction, and in December 2020, both parties signed an Anex to the basic agreement on gas supply dating back to 1997,” said Hadžialjević.

She pointed out that the total price of gas in Zvornik through the new supply route is lower by approximately 25 percent than for the same gas that would be supplied through Ukraine and Hungary.

Hadžialjević added that the 2007 Decree on the Organization and Regulation of the Gas Industry Sector in the FBiH registered and authorized Energoinvest to supply the FBiH, while BH-Gas is in charge of transporting gas within the FBiH to consumers and maintaining the network, and it is explicitly prohibited from buying or gas sales.

“After that, the company BH-Gas, although completely incompetent for the supply of gas, causes direct material damage by paying in advance in April 2021 transport services to the Hungarian transporter in the amount of one million dollars and another 600,000 dollars to the Serbian transporter, despite learning that transport along that route will not happen, and a strict written warning from Energoinvest that they must not do so. Energoinvest then submitted an amendment to the criminal report to the Cantonal Prosecutor’s Office for causing direct material damage of 1.6 million dollars,” Hadžialjević emphasized.

She explained that after all these events, the FBiH Government issued a conclusion on the obligation of participants in the work, to fully comply with the division of tasks and competencies under the Regulation, and another conclusion on submitting relevant materials to the FBiH Prosecutor’s Office.