Tuzla International Airport begins construction works as part of its future expansion

Tuzla International Airport begins construction works as part of its future expansion

TUZLA, March 11 (FENA) – The construction of the atrium as part of the building complex of the Tuzla International Airport will free up much of the space in the main hall of the terminal for incoming passengers, and create conditions for increasing the Airport’s revenues, reports the Tuzla Canton Radio and Television.

The new facility will house all car rental agencies, souvenir shops, travel agencies, cafeterias.

The deadline for the completion of works is 16 months. The funds have been secured, so there should be no delays.

“One of the reasons for such a long postponing of this project was that it was necessary to obtain all the documentation for the execution of works and we even had certain problems in 2020 regarding the securing of professional supervision,” said the Tuzla Airport General Manager, Esed Mujačić.

The Government of the Tuzla Canton also supports the airport’s management plans related to other infrastructure projects that should be implemented this year – the construction of parking spaces and landscaping of the outer surfaces of the airport.

The cantonal Minister of Trade, Tourism and Transport Hamza Mešić says that the budget of the Tuzla Canton for 2021 has envisaged 330,000 KM that the Government will allocate to the Tuzla International Airport.

“For our part, that is how much we can promise at this moment. Of course, we will monitor the situation caused by the pandemic, so we will look at other possibilities of supporting the management in order to strengthen the position and role of the Tuzla International Airport,” said Mešić.

The Assistant Minister of Transport in TC, Nenad Lukanović points out that the Government and the management have ambitious plans for this airport; for it to have a ranking of a medium quality airport according to the level of service it provides, with the goal of reaching the capacity of about one million passengers.

This year, the Tuzla International Airport has implemented several important projects – it has opened an antigen test center for passengers to European countries, a contract has been signed for the opening of a PCR test center, and preparations are underway for the construction of a third, departures gate and the activities related to the runway load measurement.

The General Manager Mujačić says that a public call has been announced for this project, which is expected to be completed in the next three months as one of the preconditions for introducing some overseas flights since accurate results of the runway capacity for larger planes is a necessity.

The Tuzla International Airport recorded a higher number of passengers this year than in the same period in 2020. In January and February, more than 20,000 passengers traveled from this airport. The results could get better with the onset of the summer flight schedule.

The reintroduction of flights to all 16 destinations in six European countries is also expected in the same timeframe.