Women earn 13 percent less than men in BiH

Women earn 13 percent less than men in BiH

MOSTAR, May 30 (FENA) – Men in Bosnia and Herzegovina earn on average about 13 percent more than women, while people with a university degree have about 15 percent higher average incomes than those with high school education, according to a survey conducted by the portal Plata.ba.

When looking at the average salary per education, the research shows that the average net salary for university education in BiH is 1,348 KM, and the average for high school education is 1,168 KM.

There are also differences in earnings between genders, thus BiH follows the European Union with a difference of 13 percent in favor of men, where an employed woman earns on average 14 percent less than a man.

In order to equalize the incomes of the genders in the Union, Members of the European Parliament on 21 January 2021 adopted a resolution on an EU Strategy for Gender Equality calling on the Commission to draw up a new ambitious action plan to reduce the gender pay gap, which sets clear targets for Member States to reduce the gender gap in the next five years.

“According to our data, based on the entry of respondents, the average salary for men is 1,309, and for women 1,160 KM,” they say from the portal Plata.ba.

According to the research of the mentioned portal, which is part of a project that is being implemented in several countries in the world, the highest paid salary in BiH in the last 12 months is 8,533 KM. That salary was paid to one general manager, and the stated amount, as they say, includes the basic salary and bonuses.

Looking at the average salary by occupation, in BiH, country managers earn the most, whose average salary is 3,731, and cleaners earn the least 596 KM.

The first three highest paid occupations include the general manager (average 3,719 KM) and the IT director (3,417 KM).

The survey, which is conducted online, and the data are obtained based on the input of respondents and includes the average net salary in seven countries in the region, shows that in the last two places are North Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.