Ćeman: State should regulate law on forests

Ćeman: State should regulate law on forests

MOSTAR, September 24 (FENA) – Speaking about the decisions of the BiH Constitutional Court, the vice president of that court, Mirsad Ćeman, said on Friday in Mostar that the court found that certain provisions of the Law on Forests of Republika Srpska that is treated by the property of the Republika Srpska, are not in accordance with the Constitution of BiH.

“Those articles in that law, certain provisions of this entity law in which the ownership of forests in the territory of the Republika Srpska is exclusively treated as the ownership of the Republika Srpska, were assessed as unconstitutional,” Ćeman emphasized.

He added that the issue should be regulated by the state of BiH in its law.

“First of all, the state of BiH, i.e. the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, has the competence to regulate this issue by law, and then, depending on the solutions and criteria that will be determined by that state law, entities or other organizational units can also do that. Of course, natural persons can also have the right of ownership over forests as a public good,” said Ćeman.

He added that the Constitutional Court obliged the BiH Parliamentary Assembly to pass a law which would regulate the ownership and management of forests.