Čerkez: 24 new cases of coronavirus infection in FBiH

Čerkez: 24 new cases of coronavirus infection in FBiH

SARAJEVO, April 6 (FENA) – There are 24 new coronavirus positive citizens in the Federation of BiH, and 290 people have been tested in the last 24 hours. The number of coronavirus patients is expected to increase, and only the measures adopted can contribute to slowing the spread of the virus, said Assistant Minister of Health of FBiH Goran Čerkez today.

“There must be a medical indication for testing. One of the symptoms must be respiratory infection like any flu such as fatigue or sore throat. These are the symptoms that we have with every seasonal flu, and in this case we should also behave appropriately,” Čerkez explained.

The carrier of the virus in one period feels well and has no symptoms, and is already becoming contagious.

“It’s a problem that the whole world is dealing with and that’s why it’s challenging. In doing so, the most important thing is to adhere to all precautions and personal protection, especially doctors,” emphasized Čerkez, adding that those citizens who feel symptoms of a milder nature should not go to health centers or to work.

In the Federation of BiH, 3.320 citizens have been tested so far and 371 are positive for voronavirus.