Čerkez: The measures are not difficult, we must have patience

Čerkez: The measures are not difficult, we must have patience

SARAJEVO, October 16 (FENA) – Assistant Minister of Public Health of the Federation of BiH Goran Čerkez emphasized today that the epidemiological situation is serious, and that we are entering a difficult and uncertain period for all of us. An accelerated increase in cases is evident, not only in BiH, but throughout Europe.

At the press conference of the Crisis Staff of the FBiH Ministry of Health regarding the current epidemiological situation, Čerkez says that everyone, especially health workers, are on the verge of exhaustion, and that he understands the nervousness of the population regarding the epidemiological situation, but empathy and respect for others are still necessary.

“It largely depends on us what will happen. The measures are not difficult, we must arm ourselves with patience. We expect the situation to be better, especially when the first tested vaccine arrives. Until then, we must follow simple measures to wear masks, keep our distance, wash our hands regularly. Especially in offices and closed spaces, the premises should be regularly ventilated,” he emphasized.

He appeals to the population to contact a doctor, in case they feel any symptoms of a droplet infection (cough, fever, fatigue). The goal, as he stated, is not to enter the lockdown, and that the restrictions here are not as much as in many European countries.

“Let’s try to be as responsible as possible. The situation is very serious, it depends on all of us what measures will be taken in the future. Our health care system is ready, but capacities are limited. We must act responsibly,” he stressed.