Chairman Komšić receives the BiH robotics team and promises his support

Chairman Komšić receives the BiH robotics team and promises his support

SARAJEVO, September 16 (FENA) – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Željko Komšić received today the BiH robotics team, gathered around the Center for Education, Robotics, Innovation and Technology from Mostar – CERIT, which currently holds the first place in the world at the International Robotics Olympics.

Chairman Komšić congratulated the high school students who come from Mostar, Čapljina and Stolac, on the exceptional successes and results they have achieved with their work, dedication and professional knowledge in the field of robotics.

He pointed out that it is a huge success to be in the first place among another 176 countries in the world, although their work is constantly accompanied by the lack of financial support and adequate working conditions.

The team’s mentors, Professor Anes Hadžiomerović and IT engineer Deni Ajanić informed Chairman Komšić in more detail about the work of CERIT, the previous experiences and successes of young people at the world level, which they achieve without any support from the institutions of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Komšić said that the young competitors will have his full support in their future work, and he hopes that other levels of government will recognize the significant success achieved by Luka, Fatima, Anis, Marko, Luka and Lejla.

“It was an honor for me to talk today with these fantastic young people who, with their intelligence and knowledge, are achieving exceptional success at an international level,” said Komšić.