Citizens hold a peaceful protest in front of Serbian Embassy in Sarajevo

Citizens hold a peaceful protest in front of Serbian Embassy in Sarajevo
SARAJEVO, January 9 (FENA) – A peaceful protest entitled “Awakening of the Citizens” was held in front of the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia in Sarajevo today, and the organizers said they wanted to warn, as they said, -against the political aggression coming from Serbia.
Sejfudin Tokić from the Bosniak Movement said that BiH patriots will not allow „further Serbization and orthodoxy on the territory of the RS.“
“The government in the RS is not capable or willing to protect the non-Serb population. We will not allow that anymore. There can be two entities, but the RS as such, which was created on genocide cannot and must be abolished,“ he said.
Alija Redžić from Zenica, the president of the Organization of the recipients of the greatest war medals, wanted to remind the Serbian ambassador what Radovan Karadžić said in 1992 in the Assembly of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina.
“The same January 9 destroyed the constitutional order of the RBiH, and only on March 1, a referendum was held in which the citizens said what kind of state they want to live in. Later on, the barricades and everything we know well had happened. 
When we wanted to free the state from fascism they gave us the Dayton PA with “two entities and ten cantons. And we Bosniaks, to whom the Dayton was the least suitable because we are the majority people, were the first to accept it so that there would be no more victims,” he said.