Commission for deciding on conflict of interests imposes sanctions on Čović and Nešić

Commission for deciding on conflict of interests imposes sanctions on Čović and Nešić

SARAJEVO, February 3 (FENA) – The Commission for Deciding on Conflict of Interest made several decisions today, including two decisions in the Dragan Čović case and two decisions in the Nenad Nešić case.

After the session, the President of the Commission Mira Pekić told the press that in the case of Dragan Čović, in the period from 2014 to 2018, i.e. in one year, 2017, he had funding from the budget as an authorized person of the Croatian National Parliament in the amount more than 10,000 KM. Specifically, the financing was higher by 6,750 KM, or 16,750 KM.

Thus, the prohibited activities from Article 11 of the Law on Conflict of Interest in the Institutions of the Government of BiH were committed.

Today, the Commission imposed a sanction for that violation, in accordance with the Law, to suspend a part of the monthly net salary in the amount of 10 percent, which Dragan Čović earns as a delegate in the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, for one month.

Pekić stated that this is a sanction that was imposed today, reminding that the act for which a conflict of interest was determined dates from 2017, and that the Commission also put it on the agenda in the last convocation.

She said that this decision was made unanimously and that the members of the commission agreed to mostly make, if possible, unanimous decisions.

“The law provides for 10 to 50 percent of the salary and a maximum of 12 months is the period for which the salary can be suspended. The commission estimated that this act was done in one year, that it did not happen again, that in 2017 the amount of allowed financing of non-governmental associations was exceeded by 6,750 KM,” Pekić explained.

The Commission also made a decision in the Nenad Nešić case due to a conflict of interest. In the period from November 6, 2018 to October 14, 2020, Nešić also performed the function of acting director of the Public Company “Roads of RS” and was a member of the House of Representatives of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH, thus committing prohibited activities under the Law on Conflict of Interest in BiH Institutions.

Pekić says that for that act, the Commission unanimously decided to impose a penalty of suspension of 10 percent of monthly income for a period of six months.

The report on the work of the Commission for 2020 was adopted, as well as the Verification Plan for 2021.