Conference ‘From Waste to Green Energy with less CO₂’ held in Sarajevo

Conference ‘From Waste to Green Energy with less CO₂’ held in Sarajevo

SARAJEVO, October 6 (FENA) – President of the Management Board of Asamer Baustoffe AG Harald Fritsch stated that the focus of the international conference “From Waste to Green Energy with less CO₂”, which is being held today in Sarajevo, organized by Lukavac Cement Factory, decarbonization of cement industry and how this process takes place with a circular economy.

The circular economy is essentially an innovative system based on saving natural resources, preserving the environment and reducing waste.

“This means that we want to show the links between what we can do as a cement industry in reducing CO2, on the one hand, and how we can help communities in waste management. This is the main goal of gathering experts at this conference from BiH and other countries, who will share experiences and best practices. What we are proposing is not really a science, we just want to show what can already be done and to transfer it here, to propose that it be adopted into domestic legislation,” Fritsch said for FENA.

According to him, the focus is on reducing fossil fuels, and the introduction of secondary fuels from waste. Thus, as he emphasized, they reduce CO2 emissions more on the one hand, and reduce landfills on the other.

Stjepan Kumrić, General Manager of the Lukavac Cement Factory, a member of the ABAG Group from Austria, reminded that the conference was organized on the occasion of 20 years of their successful privatization, with the idea of initiating discussions on the circular economy in BiH, which would mean use of fuels from waste, and the conservation of natural resources and environmental protection.

“BiH has the opportunity to seize the moment, which is good on several grounds. First, based on existing technologies and best practices in Europe and the world that will be presented at the conference, which are a proven solution and which are easy to apply. Another good moment is the situation in which you currently have a lot of available funds and cheap money and EU funds that would allow in a relatively short time concrete solutions and applications, you just need to prepare in time with projects to be able to apply for these funds,” said Kumrić for FENA.