Cooperation with Sweden for sustainable smart cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Cooperation with Sweden for sustainable smart cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina

SARAJEVO, November 5 (FENA) – Cooperation for sustainable smart cities in BiH was the topic of a forum organized in Sarajevo by the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in BiH together with the Swedish company NIBE, which is the market leader in Scandinavia and a leading European manufacturer of heating pumps, and a major advocate for green technology globally.

The main goal of today’s, one in a series of forums, according to Vernisa Rejhan-Ićindić, President of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in BiH, is to exchange knowledge and experience about sustainable solutions in energy systems in the context of climate change in order to develop and enhance cooperation between BiH and Sweden in this sector.

“NIBE representatives are staying in BiH this week with members of the Swedish royal family. Presenters from Sweden and BiH are attending the event and we want to see what we can learn from Sweden, but also look how far we have come here in BiH,” Rejhan-Ićindić added.

NIBE International Relations Director Martin Forsen spoke about how this company, and Sweden in general, see the future of smart cities in BiH.

“NIBE is truly a Swedish company that has its beginnings in an area called Skone which has gradually grown focusing on quality. I think that these products can work well in BiH, especially given the climate conditions here, and therefore I want to know more about how infrastructure works here,” said Forsen.

When it comes to the operational part, he added, they work with partners such as Termolux.

“The projects we have done so far have been very successful and we are pleased with the cooperation with Termolux. When it comes to projects implemented in BiH, these were rather innovative solutions with clients who appreciate such an approach,” said Forsen, adding that there are also innovative investors present at the forum who want to deepen cooperation in the future.

Sales and Customer Relations Manager at Termolux, Adis Hafizović presented examples of solutions and products implemented by NIBE.

“Termolux is headquartered in Banja Luka. We have been on the market for ten years and we are the exclusive partner of NIBE in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In principle, the bigger the facility, the greater the savings are and the sooner the investment pays off. Our primary goal is to install heating pumps in as many facilities in the country as possible and to reduce pollution, CO2 emissions and contribute to environmental protection,” Hafizović told FENA.