Čović: Discussions we are having put BiH’s Euro-Atlantic path aside

Čović: Discussions we are having put BiH’s Euro-Atlantic path aside

SARAJEVO, July 29 (FENA) – Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples of the Parliamentary Assembly of BiH and President of the Croat Democratic Union (HDZ) of BiH Dragan Čović said today, speaking about the non-functioning of the executive and legislative branches recently, that this was a sufficient reason to be focused on trying to find a solution to the current crisis.

“But let’s think about it and use this as a chance and solve some things faster,” he stated.

He announced that in the coming period, there will be a lot of talks with officials of international institutions and domestic officials, to try to see “where are those points of contact to improve things, not to go back completely, or not to lag behind a month or two, and for someone else to make decisions, and then to dedicate a year again to solving the problems that will arise in that time.”

He mentioned that the discussion on the budget of BiH institutions should have been completed this week, so that they should leave that part behind, but now everything is on hold.

He added that the discussions that are taking place these days, which concern the time of the war of ’91 -95 and similar topics, put in a completely different plan the Euro-Atlantic path of BiH and the Election Law “which we should have brought to an end through bilateral discussions related to the Mostar Agreement, which remained unfinished and will have to be completed, but also through the Interdepartmental working group, which needs to work on a lot of other issues.”