Čović: We expect an agreement on the Election Law by the end of September

Čović: We expect an agreement on the Election Law by the end of September

MOSTAR, September 15 (FENA) – The HDZ BiH President Dragan Čović said in Mostar on Wednesday that the talks on changes to the election legislation would be intensified these days, saying he believed an agreement should be reached by the end of September.

“I think that Matthew Palmer (US envoy for the Western Balkans) and a colleague from the EU (Ursula von der Leyen) are coming at the end of September when, I think, that work should be completed,” added Čović in a statement for the media after the HDZ BiH presidency session.

“I guess it will take five to six days if not more to reach a final agreement because of all the models of electoral legislation, for the Presidency and the House of Peoples, so what is crucial in terms of legitimate representation, but also the implementation of all judgments and courts in Strasbourg and the Constitutional Court, are on the table,” Čović explained.

Commenting on the letter he sent to diplomatic representatives in BiH this morning, as well as the figures presented by the SDA on the representation of Croats in the institutions, Čović said that the letter made it very clear that “we will not fall into the trap of speculation, even with those numbers by commenting how many Croats are in power today and whether there are too many of them”.

“I think that there are far fewer Croats at the level of BiH in various government institutions than it should be according to the 2013 census,” said Čović.

Asked how he views the celebration of the Day of Serb Unity, in the RS and Serbia, but also the bill on the use of the Serbian language and Cyrillic alphabet to be adopted today by the National Assembly of the entity of Republika Srpska, Čović said that regarding the activities of the Serb people in BiH, every constituent people has the right to design its own future.

“I support all of the activities that do not infringe upon the foundations of the Constitution of BiH,” said Čović.

When asked by journalists whether the HDZ BiH or the HNS will boycott the elections if the election law is not changed, Čović said that he believes that there are no conditions to organize the elections if the election law is not amended.

“We will do everything to pass the new election law, ensure the legitimate representation of all three constituent peoples and implement all rulings from the Strasbourg court,” concluded Čović.