Al Jazeera officials announce the launch of the AJD Industry Days project

Al Jazeera officials announce the launch of the AJD Industry Days project

SARAJEVO, September 13 (FENA) – Director of Al Jazeera Balkans Tarik Đođić and Director of Al Jazeera Documentary Channel Ahmed Mahfouz signed a Memorandum of Understanding today, which will serve as a basis for further activities of the AJD Industry Days under the @AJB DOC project.

It was announced that from 2022, Al Jazeera Documentary Channel in cooperation with Al Jazeera Balkans and AJB DOC Film Festival will launch the AJD Industry Days, @AJB DOC platform, which intends to become one of the largest platforms for financing documentaries.

It is an international platform aimed at supporting the development of documentary film production around the world, including international and regional co-productions.

The intention is to enable documentary filmmakers to network with managers from the Balkans and beyond to secure funding for film production in Southeast Europe, the South Caucasus and the Middle East and North Africa to support their broadcasting, distribution, screening and sales.

AJD Industry Days will have three programs – Main Pitch, Work in Progress & Balkan Stars, and each project will have the opportunity to win one of four awards that, in cooperation with partners AJD Industry Days @AJB DOC, are given for each program.

Al Jazeera Documentary Channel Director Ahmed Mahfouz expressed hope that AJD Industry Days @AJB DOC will be a milestone for documentary film in the region, recalling that Al Jazeera Documentary produces, co-produces or buys many films from these areas every year.

He added that the intention is to make a good strategic plan that will be implemented in the next three years when the industry and the market will be tested, announcing that support will be given to good projects, bearing in mind that there are good stories and people making films in this region.

It will also be a good platform for exchanging experiences, he stressed, where all stakeholders will have a platform to make good documentaries.

“The first edition of the Industry Forum at AJB DOC will be in 2022,” announced today the director of program planning at Al Jazeera Documentary Channel Adel Ksiksi.

He added that it is planned to invite prominent professionals, experts and managers from the region and the world, and he expressed hope that this project will be the one that will give impetus to the documentary film industry.

Al Jazeera Balkans Director Tarik Đođić thanked Al Jazeera Documentary Channel and its leaders for their wholehearted support of the AJB DOC Film Festival since the first edition, organized in 2018.

He noted that Al Jazeera Balkans is committed to the project and will continue to support the further development of AJB DOC, as well as activities to develop the documentary film industry through various segments of their work.

The director of the AJB DOC Film Festival, Edhem Fočo, pointed out that AJB DOC started “modestly, but decisively”, noting that the idea was certainly based on the support and promotion of documentaries.

– We believe that we have done a good part of the work and that there is more interest in watching, but also in making documentaries, especially in BiH. This is only the fourth edition of our festival, but it has already become known and recognized by the audience, but also by the profession,” said Fočo.

AJD industry Days @AJB DOC, a new platform for the documentary film industry will be launched at the 5th AJB DOC Film Festival in 2022.