Monograph of Sarajevo is a lasting reminder of city’s rich history and heritage

Monograph of Sarajevo is a lasting reminder of city’s rich history and heritage

SARAJEVO, February 12 (FENA) – A monograph of the City of Sarajevo, which in a unique way testifies to the history and rich cultural heritage, as well as the life and customs of people of different origins, residents of the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, was presented today at Sarajevo City Hall.

The authorship of this, in many ways unusual publication printed by the City Administration, is signed by a group of authors, including a large number of well-known BiH and foreign photographers.

Among others, the monograph contains photographs by Milomir Kovačević Strašni, Ron Haviv, Gary Knight, Paul Lowe, Tom Stodart, Velija Hasanbegović, Damir Šagolj, Almin Zrno, Midhat Mujkić, Imrana Kapetanović…

These are photographs that the public has rarely had the opportunity to see so far, and some have been preserved from oblivion and published for the first time.

Speaking about the specifics of the latest monograph dedicated to Sarajevo, text editor Nihad Kreševljaković points out that it brings a much different story, which, along with valuable photographic records, is based on quotes from citizens of the BiH capital, but also visitors and their experience of the city.

“The book is focused on people, with the belief that people, and not architecture, are what make the city and our emotions towards the spaces we visit or live in,” said Kreševljaković.

The participants of the event were greeted via video link by the award-winning American photographer Ron Haviv, whose photos from besieged Sarajevo traveled the world and became a permanent record of events during the aggression on BiH.

As it was said, the monograph, which is a permanent reminder of the key events from the rich history of Sarajevo, also includes photographs from the archives of the National Museum, the Historical Archive, the Museum of the City of Sarajevo.