Permanent exhibition ‘BiH in Prehistory’ opens at the National Museum

Permanent exhibition ‘BiH in Prehistory’ opens at the National Museum

SARAJEVO, October 20 (FENA) – The permanent exhibition of the National Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina “Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory” opened its doors to the public, for the first time since 1992.

From one of the largest and oldest prehistoric collections in this part of Europe, which has more than 100,000 items, about 3,000 archaeological finds have been singled out, which provide a chronological insight into the development and sequence of cultures of the prehistoric period through special thematic units.

Director of the Museum, Mirsad Sijarić, emphasized at the press conference that this is the largest and most important permanent exhibition of the museum.

“It is the largest and also the most important museum exhibition that this country has. This was a joint endeavor of the National Museum of BiH and colleagues from the region, primarily from Serbia and Croatia,” he said. He added that the authors of the exhibition are Andrijana Pravidur and Ana Marić from the National Museum of BiH.

Andrijana Pravidur emphasized the importance of this permanent exhibition in the cultural sense of human development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“This is the oldest and longest period of prehistory, in which we presented the development and life of a man through various findings of material culture that originate from all over BiH. In the museological sense, the exhibition follows a chronological sequence, but within that sequence, various thematic units have been singled out, based on which visitors can more easily and better present everyday human life in prehistoric times in Bosnia and Herzegovina,” she said.

Ana Marić stated that the exhibition “Bosnia and Herzegovina in Prehistory” closes the circle and brings the whole story of human development in today’s BiH, from prehistory to the end of the Middle Ages.

She announced that the entrance to the Museum will be free of charge, from Thursday to Sunday, and it is a gift from the BiH National Museum in cooperation with the UN. The opening of the exhibition has been announced tonight for the guests, and the event can also be followed online.

Vice-president of the European Archaeological Society, an expert from Croatia, Hrvoje Potrebica, was part of this team and he emphasized that in the case of that exhibition, it is about European values.

“The National Museum of BiH has one of the most important collections in Europe,” he emphasized.

The exhibition is located in the east wing of the building of the Department of Archeology of the National Museum, on the ground floor and in the gallery. The oldest finds are from the Paleolithic period, the Old Stone Age.

This exhibition emphasizes general cultural achievements, development of trade and technology, social contacts, exchange of experiences, knowledge, and ideas, the whole dynamics of the life of a space that was intensively involved during a long period of prehistory or in some aspects even shaped social and cultural trends of the then known world.