Toudic: Promote French language and culture in BiH

Toudic: Promote French language and culture in BiH

BRČKO, February 11 (FENA) – Newly appointed French Ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Christine Toudic, as part of her official visit to the Brčko District of BiH, met last night with the presidents of three national cultural societies in the Brčko District to discuss possible forms of cultural cooperation between the French Embassy in BiH and those cultural institutions.

In a statement for FENA, Ambassador Toudic said that it was very important for her that the national cultural societies in Brčko cooperate successfully and that the Brčko District is an example that should be followed throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She emphasized that culture is an extremely important and that the conversation with the representatives of cultural institutions created preconditions for numerous ways of cultural cooperation.

“Our wish is that young people study French, but not with the intention to leave BiH but to learn French, study it, and thus contribute to the popularization of French culture and French language, but also to the community in which they live through possible forms of cooperation with French businessmen, some of whom are already operating in BiH. In the long run, our goal is to return the place of French language that it once had, not only in Brčko but in the whole of BiH,” said Ambassador Toudic.

She pointed out that French language is a whole system of cultural values and cited her own experience from Spain as an example.

“While working in Madrid, I often had the opportunity to talk to parents whose children attended French high schools in Spain. They have always emphasized that the education that their children receive is an education that gives a whole system of values and thinking,” Toudic underlined.

President of Croat Cultural Society “Napredak” Brčko Mirko Jozić said that French language is unfairly neglected in the education system in BiH and that in the long run it should be planned to launch quality French schools that would offer the best education, thus contributing to better education in BiH, but also to the popularization of French culture.

The president of Serb Educational and Cultural Society “Prosvjeta”, Dragan Tomić, stated that it would be good, based on the “American Corner”, which has been operating in the City Library of the Brčko District for years and promotes American culture and English language, to establish a similar department to promote French.

President of the Bosniak Community of Culture “Preporod” Brčko Edin Jašarević suggested the possibility that Brčko “Preporod”, with the support of the French Embassy in BiH, within its section “School of Foreign Languages”, which already offers English, German and Turkish language courses, will start a French language course.

As the first form of cultural cooperation between the Brčko District of BiH and the Embassy of the Republic of France in BiH, in the following period it was agreed to set up an exhibition dedicated to women humanitarian workers from all over the world. The exhibition will first be set up in Sarajevo at the Museum of Literature, and after that in Brčko.