Digital transformation is unique opportunity for better public administration

Digital transformation is unique opportunity for better public administration

SARAJEVO, June 12 (FENA) – Digital transformation is unique opportunity for better public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina, is one of the conclusions of the virtual conference on “Governments in BiH on the digital transformation journey”.

The two-day conference was attended by more than 130 international and BiH experts and decision-makers from all levels of government, who spoke about experiences of using new technologies in response to the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic and opportunities to accelerate public service and public administration.

The conference was organized by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in BiH and the British Embassy in BiH to provide space for dialogue and exchange of experiences and best practices, and to encourage digitalization of government, fostering the digital economy and encouraging the development of the information society.

Over the past months, positive steps have been made in the field of digitalization for more efficient, inclusive and transparent administration and public services.

British Ambassador to BiH, Matt Field, emphasized that during the difficult period of the pandemic, it became clear that digital transformation is not only desirable, but also necessary for an efficient and functional public sector.

“The crisis has only highlighted how important and inclusive digital services can be, especially for marginalized groups that have felt the consequences the most,” Field added.

UNDP Resident Representative in BiH Steliana Nedera pointed out that the intention is to open a dialogue and exchange of knowledge between government institutions at all levels and experts.

“We are satisfied, because during these two days the participants heard numerous examples from BiH about the significant digital transformation that was successfully implemented in just a few weeks in the areas of education, public services and functioning of public institutions,” said Nedera.

As she added, UNDP is committed to providing support to all competent and key institutions so that e-governance and e-services become part of everyday life as soon as possible.

The exchange of knowledge and best practices is a step towards the improvement of existing processes and systems, towards the rapid implementation of innovative solutions to help society, government and the economy in overcoming this and future crises, using technology to find positive solutions.

Global experiences suggest that technology can significantly reduce the burden and cost of public services. Using technology solutions, the UK Government has optimized its work, and has successfully responded to 600 percent increase in public service demands during the pandemic.

In order to create a platform for cooperation to discuss visions, experiences and solutions for the new generation of governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the establishment of a network of government representatives and experts on digital transformation has been announced, the UNDP stated.