Dodik – New package to support economy next month

Dodik – New package to support economy next month

BANJA LUKA, August 12 (FENA) – SNSD President Milorad Dodik announced today that a new package to support the economy will be implemented next month, and will relate to personal income and the investment cycle.

“We still continue with the realization of highway projects, reconstruction of main and regional roads in Republika Srpska, for which 100 million KM will be allocated, as well as other capital investments, including electric power facilities,” Dodik told reporters in Banja Luka after an extended session of the SNSD Executive Board.

He stated that about 10.400 people lost their jobs, and 9.199 people got jobs, and that the economic policy of the SNSD is aimed at preserving jobs and salary levels, and that several funds have been formed with the aim of helping the economy.

“It is primarily the Compensation Fund, which made a number of important decisions and allocated more than 40 million KM to the health sector. The Guarantee Fund also provided guarantees for corporate loans in the amount of KM 238 million in five banks. About 30 percent more land was cultivated than last year, and more than 100 million KM were allocated for the agricultural sector instead of the planned 70,” Dodik reminded.

According to Dodik, curfew will not be reintroduced, there will be no extension of working hours of catering facilities, 15 million KM has been provided for the purchase of protective medical equipment, which is enough until March next year, and a vaccination plan will follow.

“We are not developing a vaccine against corona, but at this moment we support the vaccination plan which will be binding for citizens of Republika Srpska. We will do our best to get the tested vaccine as soon as possible. As for the corona vaccine from Russia, I appreciate that they conducted it in accordance with the procedures, and they will first apply the vaccine to their population, which shows that it should be something to believe in,” Dodik added.