Dodik: SNSD and HDZ shall propose a Bill on BiH Constitutional Court next week

Dodik: SNSD and HDZ shall propose a Bill on BiH Constitutional Court next week

BANJA LUKA, February 14 (FENA) – Milorad Dodik, President of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats (SNSD), announced today that the SNSD and the HDZ next week will submit in the parliamentary procedure the Bill on the Constitutional Court of BiH, where there will be no international judges.

“Next week we will jointly propose a law in the BiH Parliamentary Assembly that regulates the issue. It implies finding a mechanism and a model for the replacement and method of election of local judges and redefining the decision-making process in the BiH Constitutional Court, which cannot remain this way,” Dodik told reporters in Banja Luka.

After an extended session of the SNSD Executive Board, he said that no other issues, including the European integration process, would be discussed until such a law is passed.

He reiterated that in the work of institutions at the state level, where they can, they will immediately stop any decision-making, and where they have to participate in decision-making, they will vote against everything.

“You could see that in the House of Peoples of the BiH Parliament today, and we will continue to behave like that,” Dodik said, recalling that four SNSD MPs voted against in the House of Peoples, while one deputy of the SDS abstained.

“That means we have laid out new priorities,” Dodik said, adding that the latest decision of the BiH Constitutional Court “is a hoax and a red line for the RS,” which he says he repeated to the five ambassadors in BiH last night at the meeting in the BiH Presidency.

He said that “this is a political fight and people have nothing to fear.”

“This may take a little longer, and we call for dialogue,” Dodik said, urging the people in RS to “stand behind the RS’s unified position on this issue.”

He stated that “this is not a blockade of the BiH institutions, but merely we choose not to participate in decision-making, because “the Constitutional Court of BiH is a travesty and it delivers decisions that go against the rule of law and is under political influence of centers of power from Europe and the world.”

“The priority in BiH is neither the EU integration nor anything else but the exclusive issue of Constitutional Court judges and the way that court works. Once this is resolved, we move on. If it takes seven days, seven months, okay then. If it goes on for seven years, then probably, BiH will no longer exist,” said Dodik.