Dorodnova: Mostar has great potential and the EU wants to support it

MOSTAR, September 17 (FENA) – Mostar has great potential and that potential should be utilized, The European Union is here with you and wants to continue to support Mostar, said on Friday the Deputy Head of the EU Delegation to BiH Ekaterina Dorodnova, who together with Mostar Mayor Marijo Kordić opened the conference “The City of the Future – Open City Mostar 2021”.

“We would like to see Mostar as the city of the future, and in order to achieve that, we need the progress in technology and education. This is what will bring us success and create from this city a prosperous environment for all its inhabitants,” said Dorodnova.

She added that it is great to see people in high positions from different sectors and sciences gathered in one place, working for the same goal.

“Mostar has great potential, a lot of motivated people and that potential should be used. This is exactly the right moment for everyone to gather, representatives of the academic community, government, citizens and the non-governmental sector so that we can truly see Mostar as the city of the future. The European Union is with you and wants to continue to support you,” she said.

The Mayor of Mostar, Mario Kordić, thanked the European Union and the people who have been involved in the organization of the Open City Mostar festival in the last month, within which numerous cultural events, as well as scientific and technological gatherings, have been held.

“Open City Mostar is the name that speaks for itself, saying in which direction Mostar is going. You are witnessing events in Mostar in the past month, cultural, artistic events, workshops, and this conference deals with technology and science, and in that context, we have great guests here,” added Mayor Kordić.

When asked by journalists whether the inter-party agreement on the City of Mostar could be a model according to which other problems in BiH would be resolved, Dorodnova and Kordić answered in the affirmative.

“The EU mediated in the agreement that enabled the holding of elections in Mostar after 12 years and we are pleased that the city now has its government and we want to see that Mostar continues to prosper as a city. This city is an example of dialogue, understanding, inclusiveness and reaching an agreement between different communities, and it can certainly be an example to other cities throughout BiH,” said Dorodnova.