Džaferović: All entry into BiH must be under full control

Džaferović: All entry into BiH must be under full control

SARAJEVO, March 22 (FENA) – The Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina today held an emergency telephone session and adopted a conclusion requesting from the BiH Council of Ministers to close all border crossings of Bosnia and Herzegovina without delay, except for those border crossings where quarantine tents have been erected, the BiH Presidency Chairman Šefik Džaferović told FENA after the session.

He recalled that the Presidency convened on 16 March, made a number of conclusions and demanded practical implementation of what he was talking about today.

“A decision was made to engage the BiH Armed Forces, and the BiH Armed Forces carried out the task of the Presidency, erected tents, quarantine facilities, but the quarantine has not been established to date and misuses have already happened,” warned Džaferović.

According to him, many bypassed these border crossings and entered BiH unimpeded.

“This is very dangerous and that is why the BiH Presidency held this session today and demands that the Council of Ministers do what has been asked of them without delay. This does not apply to the transit crossings, which are prescribed by international obligations, when it comes to BiH and other countries. I see today the transit from the south of Croatia through the Neum area is mentioned. That’s not what it is about. There is an international treaty there. This will be regulated in detail by the decisions of the Council of Ministers of BiH,” stated the BiH Presidency Chairman.

He stressed that they asked the Council of Ministers of BiH to immediately implement the conclusion made today, to establish quarantines from the competent health authorities and then to place the entry into BiH under full control in order to combat the coronavirus pandemic as successfully as possible.

The BiH Presidency Chairman emphasized that he supports all measures taken so far by the BiH authorities to combat the pandemic.

“I thank the citizens who overwhelmingly respect these recommendations and condemn those who do not respect them and ask the competent institutions to sanction those who do not obey orders, recommendations and instructions without any exception and without any reservations,” stressed Džaferović.

He called on all citizens to abide by the orders, instructions and advice of the competent authorities managing this crisis at all levels in BiH.

He appealed especially to the BiH citizens currently abroad not to come to BiH without urgent need, “because, as it has already been stated, at these border crossings, where the quarantine tents have placed, checks will be carried out and people will have to enter into quarantine.”

“They should not travel to BiH if they really do not have to. They need to understand us because it is in our interest to protect the people in BiH from the pandemic, but of course, to protect them as well,” said the BiH Presidency Chairman Šefik Džaferović.