Džaferović: BiH has made significant steps in the realization of 14 priorities

Džaferović: BiH has made significant steps in the realization of 14 priorities

SARAJEVO, September 30 (FENA) – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović said after the meetings of members of the Presidency of BiH with EU leaders in Brussels that they had very useful meetings and that they have good news for BiH, N1 reports.

He said that two reports would be released next week, one on enlargement and the other on a package of support for the Western Balkans. When it comes to EU enlargement, he added, it was assessed at all the meetings today that BiH has made significant steps in the realization of the 14 EU priorities and that it should continue to fulfill all obligations from those 14 priorities.

“If that gets done, we can expect a candidate status in 2021,” said Džaferović.

As for the economic support package for the Western Balkans to be presented next week, it should significantly support infrastructure, energy and environmental development of the entire Western Balkans region.

We will have the full support of the EU to deal with the problem of illegal migration as successfully as possible. The EU has prepared a new plan to tackle migration issue, currently being discussed by EU members. It will help reduce the number of illegal migrants in BiH,” Džaferović underlined.

The officials also touched upon the regional cooperation and agreed that the recently established initiative, the so-called ‘mini-Schengen’, aimed to ease the movement of goods, persons, capital and services, was not the replacement but the preparation for the EU membership.

“It is something that will be standardised in line with the EU regulations,” said Džaferović.

The members of the Presidency invited the EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Joseph Borrell to attend the marking of the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Agreement, which he accepted.