Džaferović: BiH has restored its statehood on November 25

Džaferović: BiH has restored its statehood on November 25

SARAJEVO, November 26 (FENA) – On the occasion of November 25, the Statehood Day of Bosnia and Herzegovina, numerous delegations laid flowers at the Eternal Flame Memorial in Sarajevo.

“Today is a big day for Bosnia and Herzegovina. On this day in 1943, Bosnia and Herzegovina restored its statehood. It confirmed its multiethnic character, confirmed the equality that lives in this country,” said the member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović.

He pointed out that the struggle for equality of people in Bosnia and Herzegovina continues today.

“Even today, we are fighting with forces that have resistance to building a state that will function in the unity of diversity. Let everyone be what they are and let us all build and protect our homeland BiH together. I am telling these retrograde forces and on this occasion from this place that we will succeed. What we are doing is the path of civilization. What these retrograde forces are doing are anti-civilization procedures and they will never be able to succeed,” he said.

On the occasion of the address of the President of HDZ BiH Dragan Čović and the Chairman of the Presidency of BiH Milorad Dodik before the United Nations Security Council, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Dayton Peace Agreement, Džaferović said that on Friday the world could see what retrograde forces BiH is facing with.

When asked when BiH will get the state law on holidays, Džaferović said that it will happen when there is political will among those who challenge the law today, who simply do not want us to celebrate BiH Statehood Day today, who do not want us to celebrate Independence Day.

“They will have to agree with that, these are historical facts,” Džaferović pointed out.