Džaferović received Greek Ambassador Papandreou in his inaugural visit

Džaferović received Greek Ambassador Papandreou in his inaugural visit

SARAJEVO, February 17 (FENA) – Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović received today in an inaugural visit Greek Ambassador to BiH Dimitrios Papandreou.

Džaferović welcomed Ambassador Papandreou and wished him a successful mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

He thanked Greece for its assistance to Bosnia and Herzegovina in the Euro-Atlantic integration process.

Ambassador Papandreou informed Džaferović on the details of the upcoming Western Balkans Foreign Ministers meeting in Thessaloniki.

The meeting will be dedicated to the preparations for the May Summit of EU leaders and Western Balkan countries in Zagreb.

Ambassador Papandreou stressed that one of the priorities of Greek foreign policy is the European future of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Western Balkan countries, and stressed his country’s support for the continuation of Euro-Atlantic integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The BiH Presidency member Džaferović said that Bosnia and Herzegovina has no alternative to the EU and NATO, and that the country’s future lies in its full membership in these organizations.

The two officials also highlighted the good political relations between the two countries and the need to work on deepening economic cooperation, stated the BiH Presidency.