Džaferović – Sattler: BiH has made significant progress in reform processes

Džaferović – Sattler: BiH has made significant progress in reform processes

SARAJEVO, July 15 (FENA) – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović received the Head of the Delegation of the European Union (EU) to BiH Johann Sattler.

The two agreed that Bosnia and Herzegovina has made significant progress in the last few months in the reform processes and meeting the priorities set out in the Opinion of the European Commission.

It was pointed out that the solution of a number of 14 priorities from the Opinion of the European Commission has been initiated and that a large part of them could be fulfilled by the autumn.

The agreement on Mostar was assessed as particularly significant, stating that it is an example of how obstacles can be overcome through joint engagement and political compromise.

The agreement on the elections in Mostar, as well as the engagement of the ad hoc group of the Presidency of BiH, are named as potential momentum for accelerating reforms that will ultimately lead to obtaining a candidate status for Bosnia and Herzegovina and starting negotiations with the European Union.

Džaferović and Sattler also discussed the activities undertaken in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic and the support provided by the EU to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Part of the conversation was also dedicated to the migrant crisis, and the interlocutors assessed that it is necessary to complete the appointment of the Minister of Security Selmo Cikotić as soon as possible.

Džaferović thanked Ambassador Sattler and the EU leaders for participating in the commemoration and the marking of the 25th anniversary of the genocide committed against the Bosniaks of Srebrenica and for the EU’s support for the work of the Potočari-Srebrenica Memorial Center.