Džaferović: The actions of the RS ruling structure are not an isolated case

Džaferović: The actions of the RS ruling structure are not an isolated case

SARAJEVO, November 23 (FENA) – Member of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović talked today with OSCE Secretary General Helga Maria Schmid about the current security crisis caused by unilateral actions of the BiH entity Republika Srpska authorities.

Džaferović reiterated that the authorities of the RS entities can realize their announcements only by trying to use illegal force against the institutions of the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, which would destroy peace in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The focus of the talks was the blockade of institutions, which he said were the result of the absence of MPs and ministers from the RS entities at the sessions of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly and the BiH Council of Ministers, as well as the vote of the BiH Presidency member against all items on the BiH Presidency agenda.

BiH Presidency member Džaferović underlined that the actions of the ruling structure in RS, led by Dodik, are not an isolated incident, but part of a multi-year project, whose ultimate intention is secessionist in nature, the BiH Presidency said.

Džaferović and Schmid also discussed OSCE proposals when it comes to increasing transparency and protecting the integrity of the election process, and the topic of discussion was segregation in the form of “two schools under one roof” and discrimination in the education system, through a ban on the use of the Bosnian language in the RS entity.