Džaferović – Varhelyi: EU will assist BiH with 68 million euros

Džaferović – Varhelyi: EU will assist BiH with 68 million euros

SARAJEVO, March 25 (FENA) – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović briefed the EU Enlargement Commissioner Oliver Varhelyi on the current situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the measures our country is taking to combat the coronavirus pandemic, as well as the health system capacities.

The EU will assist BiH with 68 million euros

Chairman Džaferović emphasized that Bosnia and Herzegovina is taking decisive measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which in some segments are more radical than those undertaken in the surrounding countries and Europe.

He particularly emphasized our country’s need to procure medical equipment, for which many countries have restricted the exports.

Commissioner Varhelyi informed Chairman Džaferović that the European Commission would grant Bosnia and Herzegovina 28 million euros for the health system, as well as an additional 40 million euros to support the economy.

Varhelyi called on Bosnia and Herzegovina, although not a member, to join a joint initiative of the EU member states to procure necessary medical equipment in China. He added that the European Union would also provide transportation of equipment to our country.

Commissioner Varhelyi also stressed that the European Union will make additional efforts to assist Bosnia and Herzegovina in the procurement of necessary medical equipment.

Chairman Džaferović thanked Commissioner Varhelyi for the approved funds and the invitation that Bosnia and Herzegovina, together with the EU countries, participates in the procurement of the necessary medical equipment.

Džaferović reiterated Bosnia and Herzegovina’s commitment towards meeting the requirements of the European Commission’s Opinion, but stressed that the fight against the coronavirus pandemic is a top priority at the moment, the BiH Presidency said.