Džaferović: We need to give guarantees that BiH would move faster on its EU path

Džaferović: We need to give guarantees that BiH would move faster on its EU path

SARAJEVO, September 29 (FENA) – Chairman of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina Šefik Džaferović expressed hope, ahead of the visit of members of the Presidency members to Brussels, that BiH’s path to the European Union would be intesified, especially since several conditions out of the 14 priorities defined in the European Commission Opinion have been met.

He noted that they have a plan on how to approach the solving of the remaining priorities and that he would inform the officials in Brussels about that.

“I hope that the BiH Presidency will present itself in the light in which it should in order to give EU guarantees that BiH will move more intensively on its European path,” Džaferović added in a statement at the Sarajevo Interational Airport before departure.

He expressed belief that after that, BiH could expect to obtain a candidate status at the end of this year or at the beginning of 2021 at the latest, but he noted that it all depends on BiH itself.

“This visit is a chance to once again confirm and jumstart the European path of BiH, here in BiH when it comes to our institutions, but also in the European Union and its institutions,” he emphasized.

Džaferović believes that there is currently a blockade in the work of the Council of Ministers, recalling that it took a whole year to adopt the Annual National Program (ANP) reqested from BiH by NATO and strongly opposed i the Council of Ministers even though the ministers were not from the SNSD.

Unfortunately, he pointed out, there are some forces in BiH that are ready to obstruct the work of the institutions in order to achieve their goals, and he reiterated that this is a futile effort, which is why he hopes that everyone will turn to reforms and fulfillment of BiH commitments on both the EU and NATO paths in order to make everyone’s life better in BiH.