Eight thousand tons of plums grown in Tuzla Canton exported to the EU market

Eight thousand tons of plums grown in Tuzla Canton exported to the EU market

TUZLA, September 28 (FENA) – The season of plum exports from the Tuzla Canton to the European Union is over, and producers are satisfied with the achieved results and the export price.

About eight thousand tons of plums were exported, and part of the stock remained in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

As in previous years, the export season lasted three months.

One of the exporters, Esed Hećimović, says that they started at the beginning of July, and his company managed to export 30 trucks, which is about 600 tons.

He believes that the export period could be extended, but that new varieties should be planted. That is exactly what the trade associations are working on.

The secretary of the Association for Agriculture and Food Industry of the Cantonal Chamber of Commerce in Tuzla, Suad Selimović, says that they are working on creating conditions for planting later-bloom varieties.

He complained about phytosanitary inspection and customs clearances, emphasizing that the procedure should be performed in one place. This would be feasible if the inspectorate moved to the state level.

“At the moment, the companies from the Federation of BiH do their inspectio at the level of FBiH, and customs clearance at the state level. Our trucks go to Orašje, and when they get a phytosanitary certificate, they go to Gradiška to cross the border,” Selimović explained, adding that this should be done in one place, for example in Gradiška or at the new border crossing in Svilaj.

The producers point out that they are proud of the fact that they had no objections to the quality of the product, and that in Germany, the Bosnian plum has became a protected BiH brand with a price almost equal to that of organically grown plums.