Employees of TPP Tuzla will work in groups for 14 days in self-isolation

Employees of TPP Tuzla will work in groups for 14 days in self-isolation

TUZLA, March 25 (FENA) – Director of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant, Izet Džananović, said today that the company has been operating according to the tightened measures for coronavirus for a long time, and they have started applying more strict and comprehensive measures since yesterday.

“With the consent of management of Elektroprivreda BiH, we have made a decision on changing the work schedule and working hours for workers whose work is necessary for the continuous production of electricity, thermal energy of Tuzla and Lukavac, as well as companies like Solana, Dita and others,” Džananovic said.

Two groups of workers have been formed in a way that the first group is staying at the Thermal Power Plant for 14 days and works on the principle of 12 hours of continuous work and 12 hours of rest.

“They reside in a space that is equipped and prepared and treated as a space with special measures according to the principles and measures of self-isolation. Nobody can enter this space, nor can workers leave that space. This area provides all the conditions for maintaining personal hygiene, daily rest, as well as the conditions that the work process can be performed in the manner prescribed,” stated Džananović.

Another group of workers resides in their housing units in self-isolation and must not come in contact with persons who were in other countries.

“After 14 days, they enter the premises of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant, and this first group of workers leaves. Prior to this decision, each worker signed a statement that was similar to the statement of health institutions regarding the pandemic,” said Džananović.

The Thermal Power Plant Union and the workers also supported this 14-day operation in isolation.

“We know what can happen if there is a disruption of energy production. These would be grave and complex consequences. We have made every effort to make the production process continuous and reliable,” said the director of TPP Tuzla.

Today, two units of the Tuzla Thermal Power Plant are operating, electricity is being supplied smoothly, as well as coal supply. Safe production at TPP Tuzla is ensured for the next few months, and further steps are being taken to ensure all that is necessary for the production process to continue.