Eslick: USAID’s Tourism Project supports BiH’s path to self-sustainability

Eslick: USAID’s Tourism Project supports BiH’s path to self-sustainability

SARAJEVO, January 26 (FENA) – USAID’s support for diaspora investments together with a new USD 20 million tourism project are strong support for Bosnia and Herzegovina’s path to self-sustainability, USAID Mission Director in BiH Nancy Eslick said today.

Through a new project aimed at tourism, USAID will ensure economic development based on the unique beauties of the country, while the existing Diaspora Invest project worth 6.2 million USD is helping to promote the investment of the growing diaspora in its country.

“Working on this project, we will use the results of previous USAID efforts to develop a partnership in BiH. We are very happy to have the cooperation of the ministries at the state and entity levels for tourism. I hope that in the next five years we will have the opportunity to see the results of the transformation. We have a beauty that can serve as a basis and be used to create new jobs, to develop the catering and hotel industry, to employ young people, women and other groups,” said Eslick during the second day of the webinar dedicated to launching a five-year Developing Sustainable Tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina (Turizam) project.

She expressed her commitment to implementing the project and the preservation of the natural beauties of BiH, and gratitude to all those who contributed to its launch. In the video presentation, Eslick reminded of the natural beauties and resources that BiH has, which are worth using for the development of tourism.

The USAID Turizam Project will, as it was pointed out, support the recovery of the tourism sector in BiH from the negative impact of the pandemic by encouraging cooperation between all levels of government, the economy and local communities. It will help strengthen the economy by improving the business environment, strengthening the quality of tourism services, increasing access to finance for the tourism sector, and stronger marketing of the country to international tourism markets.

Today, webinar participants will talk in more detail about the development of tourism as it recovers from the pandemic, opportunities to increase tourist arrivals and improve destination marketing, as well as tourism technology innovations to achieve competitiveness on the world stage and drive growth.